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Mass/Conn United has once again partnered with Tolland Crossfit to bring MCU players the 6 Week Ramp-up Training Program. This program features weekly virtual workouts in preparation for the 2020-'21 season! The workouts are designed to build and improve players' strength, speed and coordination. Click HERE to watch a short video introduction with Coaches DJ and Luan who will be back again at this year's Training Camp in August.  Video workouts will begin Friday, July 17th and cost $5 per week/video. Click HERE to register for the 6 Week Ramp-up Training Program.

Update - July 18, 2020
Mass/Conn United has completed tryouts for the 2020-’21 season and all players selected to a team have been notified of their placement.  For those that attended tryouts this season but were not selected, we wish you the best of luck in your upcoming season and we hope to see you again in the future.
We do continue to have openings on a few Mass/Conn United teams including:
2012/13: Mites - All positions
2011:  Elite - Goalie
2008:  Elite & Tier 1 - All positions
2007:  Elite - Skaters
2006:  Elite - Skaters
Girls: Tier 1 - All positions (All Levels)
Girls: Tier 2 - All positions (U12, U14 & U19)
If you are interested in learning more about Mass/Conn United and our player openings, please contact Keith Hillebrecht - Boys ( or Carol Lessard - Girls  (
With the reopening of Enfield Twin Rinks, please understand that there will be certain guidelines that must be followed.
  1. All patrons will enter through the main entrance of ETR.  Entry through DK’s Hockey Shop will be prohibited.  Exit will be through the Rink 2 locker room corridor and will be clearly marked.
  2. The building capacity limit will be 25 and all patrons are expected to maintain social distance and must wear a face mask (or other face covering) upon entry into the building.
  3. The building capacity limit can be exceeded to include one parent/guardian per player, but it is suggested that parents/guardians exit the building after getting their player onto the ice.
  4. Reentry will be allowed only at the conclusion of the scheduled ice time for parents/guardians helping younger players.
  5. No siblings will be allowed in the rink. Please plan accordingly.
  6. Players will be allowed to remove their face mask (or other face covering) when taking the ice.
  7. Players must enter the building fully dressed.  Locker rooms will be limited to six players per room and will be used only for putting skates, helmets and gloves on.
  8. Locker room doors will be left open to reduce hand touches to handles.  Please do not leave valuables in the rooms.
  9. Patrons can enter the building 15 minutes prior to their scheduled ice time and will be expected to leave the facility immediately after removing their skates, helmets and gloves.  Shower rooms will not be available.
  10. Patrons will have access to the ETR snack bar for drinks and pre-packaged snacks upon entry and exit of the facility.
  11. Above all, if you are not feeling well, please stay home. 
We appreciate everyone’s patience and cooperation in adhering to these new guidelines and ask that all patrons abide by ETR staff direction.
All areas of use at ETR, including common areas, locker rooms, player benches and other “high touch” surfaces, will be cleaned after each hour and operational areas within ETR will be disinfected each night.
Enfield Twin Rinks is offering the following programs over the summer: